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Light Brown (7520) - 60" Wide

Price: $15.00
Item Number: 7520
Light Brown
Light Brown
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Light Brown Decorative Colored Film of Glass VLT 38% / TER 43%
Scratch Coated / Pressure Sensitive / Transparent / Non-Reflective / Deep Dyed Polyester / UV Weathered

Message from Solar Graphics:
This Vibrant Colored Window Film material lasts longer than vinyl (20+ years) and is virtually impervious to fading.  It you are looking for a classy professional advertising medium, look no further.  Solar Graphics offers the largest variety of color window films on the market.  We strive to meet your advertising needs!  Whether you're looking to bring some color and visual personality to your home window(s), or attract customers to your business with eye-popping window graphics... we are here for you!